Suppose to meet my friend at 11am at Harbour Front Center’s Mac Donalds. End up all of them are late as usual. They came only at 11.30am and I reached there at 10.45am. Grr. Next time I purposely late. LOL

The tim sum buffet is cheap. $10.80++ per person, and the tim sum is not too bad, but of course Lei Garden tim sum is still the best of the best.

After eating, went to Orchard for a walk. Wanted to buy MS SQL Server 2000 from a ‘shop’ at Far East, but too bad they didn’t sell it. The shop kinda sucky, do not even have Visual Studio.NET 2003.

My friend went to apply for Singnet 256kbps at Hello@Orchard. Kinda retard when they ask you whether you are using intel chipset or not. Even if you are not using it, it still works on AMD computers.

Went to Hereen and bought a fourskin t-shirt. They are having 20% discount thus my membership card cannot be use. LOL

Will be going to watch Twin Effect with Lian tomorrow at GV Marina. Long time didn’t watch a movie from there.