Met Lian at Raffles City. Levis is having a mini exhibition to celebrate their 150th birthday. Had lunch at the foodcourt there. The hotplate beancurd tastes not bad.

Went to Suntec City later. Bought a pair of new Nike shoe from “Why Pay More?” It costs only $59.90 and the design is not bad. Silver plus orange. Cheap and good.

Watch The Twin Effect at GV Marina. Show lasted for about 100 minutes. The show not too bad. But it is very funny and I thought it is going to be scary.

Took a light snack at Mos Burger after the movie. I still prefer Mos Burger than any other fastfood restaurants. On my way home, bought a Banana Fan from Old Chang Kee recommended by my brother. Tastes good as I like bananas.

Had dinner at Great World City, didn’t realize that the Korean Food at the foodcourt there is a branch of the Korean food store at Amara.

Check my class through eSP. Got into 3A04, while Lian is 3A03. Sad, cannot be in the same class with her. Hope module class will be the same, which will be out in SPEED at 12 midnight.