Had my first JSPG lecture today. The lecturer was an Indian and I was afraid of the Tamil and English slang. At first for the first few minutes he talk was ok but after that the slang started to come out. It wasn’t that bad. I have encountered worst one before when I was working in the help-desk.

Went to visit my fyp client after school to get him to sign the agreement. He seen the agreement softcopy before but when we ask him to sign on the hardcopy, he just sign without double checking through. He trusts us alot. He is a very good client.

After meeting him for about 15 minutes, we left but continue discussing about the layout around the area but still have not finalize the organization of content.

Came home, wanted to htmled the layout in pure css using positioning elements, but I find it abit tough and messy. Thus, I think will be using tables, is easier but file size will be huge.

Actually tomorrow there is PROJ slot, but I postponed it to Friday. But I still need to go to school for 10 minutes to take the laptop.

Feel so sleepy.