Had my first lesson of GAME Programming today. It was like the advanced version of IGRA first practical 1. This module I think will teach us the concepts of game programming, rather then how to program it.

Had my FYP discussion after that. Finalize the database structure and the layout colors. Went for lunch after that at Raffles City’s foodcourt. Ate the hotplate beancurd again. Walked round Suntec’s City till my leg is so ache and further more the shoe I bought, the front part is abit tight. Very uncomfortable. Hope it will be season soon.

Bought a book entitled “ASP.NET Website Programming (Problem – Design – Solution) VB.NET Edition” from the computer book store from Funan. Very good book with codes that I can use for my FYP.

Came back took a nap. Woke up so early today. Spend the whole night trying to setup the damm MS SQL server. It really gives me a headache. It is very complicated. After hours of meddling with it and with the power of Internet, finally got it to work. ASP.NET with MS SQL Server 2000. When I was on Apache, it took me only 30 minutes to setup Apache with MYSQL.

Java Server Programming lessons tomorrow at 8.30am.