Went for dinner with my secondary school friends at Marina South steamboat. One of them is going in to army soon. So this dinner is so called his last dinner. LOL. He will be enlisting on 28th of this month. Marina South is always so crowded on weekends. The bus 400 always so full, so no choice have to walked all the way from the MRT to the steamboat there. Around 45 minutes walk.

Total 12 of us, sat in 3 joined circular tables. Stayed there for almost 2 hours, talking and eating. Haha. Makes me temporay forget my sadness for the past few hours.

Took a cab back with 2 of my friends. 1 of them near my area and the other stay a few blocks away from me.

Sat at my house’s downstairs coffeeshop and talk to my friend who is a female about this matter. Girls do thing the same way. She told me some points where is quite true. If a relationship there is a breakup and a patchup, 99% it will not last long. So must let me think again.

Back to the thinking board.