Slept at 2.30am last night. Was playing CS with my friends. Woke up at around 11.30am today.

Had breakfast at Amara Hotel. Ate the Korean food. Opposite Amara Hotel, there is a condominium showflat. Not too sure of its name. I think the manager there is one of the actors of Unbeatables II. A unit of it cost around $1 million. =_=!

Went to pray at Waterloo street, hoping to have a successful FYP and the other thing is quite obvious. Came home, organize all the books to my new bookshelf from Ikea. Looks so much neater.

1 week of sadness had passed and I still feeling sad. Sometimes I hate myself. My friend told me this:

It is just an experience which you might not forget in your life time. But it is definitely going to be your sweetest memory. Enjoy the sweet memories you had and forget the ugly side. If you ever one day, remember Ai Lian as your sweet memory and not becoming sad, I am glad to say: friend, you have grown up, you are no longer the Lester I used to know

Wonder when the day will come?