Nothing much to blog about yesterday. Tried out ASP with MS SQL, it works. Somehow I find ASP is similar to PHP and not as complicated as ASP.NET. Hope still can make it as we do not have a choice but to use ASP with MS SQL.

Was very sleepy in school today, maybe not enough sleep on the previous day. Nowadays I somehow like to take MRT to Tiong Bahru then take 123 home rather than taking 147/14 then change to 275. Funny. Duration almost the same.

Feeling quite sad today suddenly. Don’t know why. Keep thinking of Lian. I still miss her very much. Hiaz. Almost 2 weeks and I only feel slightly better.

Sometimes I really hate myself for getting into this stage. No used crying over spilled milk. Yes, but somehow I will still cry.

Always treasure your loved ones never take them for granted, only when they are gone then you will realize how much they meant to you. Sometimes I feel like turning back time, but somehow if I turned back time, I will still be the same, will not realize my own mistake.

Head is heavy can’t differentiate between hope and feeling. Or are they the same? =|