Didn’t went to school today, thus slept till 1pm today. Went for lunch with my Mom at Chin Swee Road hawker center.

My grandmother is feeling sick but after consulting many doctors and taking x-rays, doctors say she is fine, nothing is wrong. I think older generation people worry and think too much. They are fine, but their mind keeping telling them they are sick. Haiz.

Started coding for my FYP, so far so good, almost like php and as troublesome to code as php, because only can code through notepad. Logic basically the same but the syntax is totally different, so abit not used to it.

Feeling much better than yesterday, but I still think about it. I just can’t control my own mind. Still want to know whether is my feeling is just feeling or is it a hope.

Quote “Love Is The Main Ingredient In A Relationship, But Is Not The Only One”