Had breakfast at some cantonese restaurant today at Apollo Center. It is the worst tim sum I have ever eaten. Paid $79 for this type of lousy tim sum. I still think that Lei Garden is still the best tim sum restaurant in Singapore.

Went to Waterloo Street to pray after that. Prayed for my driving, my grandmother also prayed because she is not feeling good. Went to Orchard after that with my family before meeting my friends at 3pm.

Sat down at Wisma’s KFC to talk for an hour or so before going on a shopping trip with Klaus and gang. Walked all the way from Wisma Atria to Plaza Singapura. Was raining, so took bus 106 and wanted to go to my favorite chicken rice hangout stall. But I forgot 106 changed it bus route with effect from today. So end up stopping at Hotel Rendezvous and walked all the way there.

After dinner, from there walked all the way to Suntec City then to Marina Square. Hahaha, first time they say I walked so long didn’t complain. Hahaha

Booked my driving lessons already. 1st practical lesson on 7th August 2003. Now regained my singlehood, got time to go learn driving. Hope can pass by end of this year. Then can drive on Christmas. Wohooo. If i pass, hj will owe me 1 meal. Hahaha