Didn’t went to school today. Nothing to discuss for us programmers. Watched Tomb Raider 2: Cradle Of Life with Reaper and gang. Before the show played an hour of LAN at E-Games. Long time since I been there. Anyway, E-Zone at Cineleisure has closed down. Kinda sad, it has been there for many years liao and all those memories. LOL

The movie lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes. So-so only the movie. According to Klaus, Cineleisure opened a new restaurant. Is 2-in-1 Japanese BBQ. The plate can cook both food and can make ice cream. Very unique. One day must go try that.

After movie, went to meet Lian at Plaza Singapura to have a good talk. After the face to face talk, feel so much better, almost all my questions are answered. Somethings are not what it appears to be. I still stand a 20% hope next time, even though I want to get this relationship back next time, don’t ask me why, is just my feelings.