Went to Hans at Pickering Street for breakfast before proceeding to Suntec’s City. Bought 2×50 Smartbuy CDRs to stock up, left only about 20 at home. I always buy Smartbuy CDRs, used to it. Sometimes when you are always using the same thing, it will be hard for you to change and you tend to take it for granted. Quote “Somethings Do Change, While Somethings Never Change”.

Walked around Suntec till around 3pm before heading home.

Went to watched Home Run again with my family at Great World City. Bought a 3 way SCV splitter for $4.95 from Cold Storage. Now waiting for my mom $500 Best Denki voucher to come before I can buy my TV. My mom’s company used to pump patrol from Mobil and accumulated lots of points and these points can change for Best Denki vouchers.

Had dinner at Crystal Jade Shanghai Restaurant for the first time, the food tastes good, I find it better than Crystal Jade Kitchen, although they come from the same group.

Been 3 weeks. Week 5 of school starts tomorrow.