Just came home. Been months since I came home so late. Out for more then 12 hours. Had my ELIT lecture in the morning at LT4A. Was lost and could not find the place. End up meeting Jacky and co before going in.

Kinda enjoy my ELIT lecture, he is not exactly a lecturer but is a lawyer and he can really make the lecture very interesting with his jokes. One of the best lecturer.

Went out to Orchard with Hafiz and Zhi Wei for a walk, Zhi Wei went to make spectacles. Ate the creep with ice cream at level 5. Not bad, price also reasonable, $2.90.

We went to meet up with Fiona and Xiu Hui to catch Daddy’s Day Care, but it was very full, so end up watching Home Run. Not a bad local production. From my point of view I find it better than Tomb Raider 2 in terms of meaningfulness. Was joking that I did not go out with Fiona before and wanted to buy 4D, 0208 and 0803. Wonder did it open.

Had dinner at Sakura at Far East Plaza. The food taste good and is Halal. Was still quite early and went to Esplanade to take some pictures as Fiona had a digital camera with her. Will be uploading the pictures soon as soon as she send me. The gallery is abit outdated. lol

Left Esplanade at around 11.15pm and got home at 11.45pm and just in time the soccer match between Real Madrid and Dragon team ended. Score was 4-0 (quite obvious who won).