Went to Ikea for lunch with Elaine. Ate the roast beef and shared a plate of meatballs. Just love Ikea food, especially the meatball.

Went to BBDC after that and took about 2 hours of FTT practice before attempting the FTT Evaluation. To my surprise, I passed my FTT Evaluation on my first attempt and I scored full marks, 80/80. I think so far for this semester, this is my luckiest moment. Shall be booking the actual FTT later on.

Went to Elaine’s house later to help her install Apache+PHP. Actually wanted to installed MYSQL, but it is getting late already. Thanks to the W32.Blaster.Worm (as posted on the previous post), I spent most of the time restarting the computer, but somehow managed to get the virus removed and Apache+PHP installed and working in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Went to eat the Bedok famous minced pork noodle for dinner. Nothing special about it besides the soup and they only served soup based noodles. Just realized that Bedok got lots of nice food. Yummy =D~~~~~