Check on my JSPG assignment. Suppose to create an online auction website using JSP and Java Servlet. Abit tough in the logic part, but all web programming is almost the same. Is not the coding that is hard, is the logic. Got the basic database structure planned. Wonder why always we have to use MS Access instead of MS SQL Server. Is very impractical to use Access as database, as it is not a full blown database.

Came home after my FYP, then went back to school again for jogging with Jacky and Co. Wanted to run 6 rounds, but end up running 5 rounds due to I count wrongly and lazy to run the last round. Whole body aching, been 3 years since I last ran. Hope I got the motivation to jog regularly.

Had dinner at Far East Square. There is 3 restraint just under the big TV, but I think all from the same management. There are a number of spicy ramen there, and each one you can choose your chilli rating, from 1 to 8. I ate the fried chicken ramen with a chilli rating of 2, and it is so spicy. Wha lau. My brother ate the same but with a chilli rating of 1 and it is not spicy. The difference in 1 and 2 is so great. My mom who can eat chilli said that the most she can eat is 4. I can’t imagine any people eat the 8. *Sweat*

Drank the teh-terik from a stall name Mr Terik. I think that is the name. The teh-terik is absoultely best. I think it is the best I have ever drink. Price is reasonable, $1.20 for ice teh-terik. I seldom drink hot drinks unless I am not feeling well. *Choy*

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