Reached home at 12 midnight yesterday, was tired and did not update the blogs.

Went with my poly friends to watched The Great Escape, is a mini concert plus a short magic show. It is held at Suntec City’s Convention Hall and is organise by Touch Community (my friend’s church). The whole thing lasted about 2 hours. The concert was not bad. The Solution band sang 2 Evanescence’s song. Stella was there. She is chio, but her voice abit soft. The magic show was kinda disappointing, was expecting something better than that. But anyway is free, so can’t really complain. Singaporeans always want the cheapest and the best, in Hokkien they call it, “Ai Pi, Ai Qi”. The whole hall was fullhouse nevertheless.

Met up with my secondary school friends after the show at Tiong Bahru Plaza. First time all of them are early and they waited for me instead of the other way round.

Went to Orchard area for a walk, had dinner at Long John Silver opposite Douby Ghaut MRT Station. The counter girl who took my order was either new or abit blur. I have to repeat my order 5 times as I ordered 3 sets. But is still okie, as least the girl is not bad looking. I think if it was a guy, I will be sarcastic.

Came back to Tiong Bahru Plaza’s Coffee Bean, sit down there to chit chat. Talk about Army, girls and relationship stuffs. A few of us have been hurt before, so their feeling last time is more or less how I am feeling now. It still hurts of course, been only like 5 weeks. I rather bear the physical pain then the heart pain.

Will be going to cut my hair later before meeting them to go to Sim Lim Square.

“Don’t run away from the problem, because you might never know when you going to meet it again. So face the problem.”

“It is true that friends come and go, but your true friends will stay by you always.”