Kinda unluckly today, my GAME practical the camera got problem going straight. Wanted to copy and paste my lecturer code bit by bit to find out the error. Then who knows I accidentally go and delete the whole practical lesson. Crap. End up have to go home and redo practical 3 and 4 from practical 2.

Went to Plaza Singapura for lunch and as well to watch League Of Extraordinary Gentleman(LXG). Ate the Ayam Panggang from the foodcourt there. It was quite a long queue, but it is worth it, the food is good.

Spotlight opened it doors at Plaza Singapura after Orchard Point went into a major renovation.

LXG was a so-so only movie, wonder is the movie boring or I am tired, I keep yawning when watching the movie. The movie contains quite alot of CG effects. some area quite real while some are obviously fake.

Tomorrow will be meeting my client as well as to go shop for presentation clothes after that.

I want a Sony 17″ Inch LCD Monitor (SDM-X73/HK). But it is so expensive. $1099. Ouch. =(