Did most of the integration of Quietroom in school using the laptop. Don’t really like laoptop’s keyboard, very hard to type, and further more it is very impractical to bring along a keyboard along. LOL

Went to meet client after school. Reached there about 4.45pm, and waited all the way to 5.30pm before he is free to see us. The funny thing is that how come we need to take temperature before going in and last 2 weeks we did not take at all. Weird.

Went for dinner at Bugis’s Hawker Center, just opposite Bugis Street. The chicken rice there is nice. After dinner walked to Bugis Junction. As Bugis Junction got not many clothes suitable for presentation, we wanted to go Suntec’s City. On the way out, 1 member say want to go home, the other say want to go eat Crepe. End up left me and 2 couples. Of course I didn’t went in the end, I am very automatic, don’t want to be lightbulb.

Was abit disappointed and angry, at first wanted to go as a group to see which clothes is suitable for FYP, end up didn’t even went.

I choose anger over sadness.