Was raining very heavy in the evening yesterday. Met my secondary school friends at Tiong Bahru Plaza yesterday. They broke their early record. All late. Grrr, next time shall leave my house at the meeting time, which I used to do it always. Thought they have changed to be early., but guess not. LOL

Went to Suntec just to walk to Marina to eat Long John Silvers. After dinner, walked all the way to Fullerton Hotel. Went to its toilet there, the toilet itself is so class.

As usual after everything, went back to Tiong Bahru Plaza’s Coffee Bean to chit chat. Wonder why it close so early at 11pm, while last Saturday it closes at almost 12am.

Went to pray for my grandmother today, and hope she can get well soon. She is not sick and further more all the doctors’ reports says there is nothing wrong with her, but she keep saying she is not feeling well. Weird.

Played some table tennis at Singapore Swimming Club with my brother. My skills still about the same after being inactive for so long. But I think next year, my brother can trash me in table tennis. Haha

Week 8 of school starts tomorrow. Last week for the term 1.

*Update* Bloody SoBig.F virus is flooding my mailbox, luckily I am using Singnet’s webmail instead of Outlook Express, if not my AntiVirus will be very busy. Singnet should scan for viruses in an email and auto delete it before it even reaches that person mailbox.