After school, went to played Table Tennis with Jacky at the sports hall, while the rest of them played badminton. Don’t know why I suddenly like sports so much. LOL

Did not really perspire alot, table tennis don’t need so much energy as compared to basketball or badminton. Went to BBDC after that for my FTT practice session and attended a FTT revision class at 6pm before taking FTT at 7.30pm.

The FTT was quite easy, should be able to pass, cannot get more then 5 questions wrong. Stress. If I can pass it, I have no worries for theory side. 2 weeks later then I will know the results.

My grandmother is thinking too much things, just like me. Haiz, see her like that I also sad. Is not easy to control your mind not to think, you can only divert your mind attention for a short period of time.