Was very tired yesterday that I slept at 10.30pm yesterday, just an hour after I got home. Think must be lack of sleep. Posting this blog in school now because later I got a fyp presentation reharsal. After 8 weeks, first time I go to school on Thursday. LOL

Went to Suntec City yesterday after my NSC with Elaine to meet HuiJuan and XiuYu. My NSC homework will be entering the SPGG webdesign competition, in teams of 4. First price is $1500 in cash. Woot.

Had dinner at Kenny Rogers, wonder why I am so hungry yesterday that I can finish the whole potpie chicken, if not normally I cannot finish. LOL

Went to Esplanade after that to look at Mars. I thought it would be relatively big, but who knows is just small one red dot. Quite disappointed.

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