One year ago, watched Austin Powers : Gold Member with Lian and her friends, one year later, watched The Medallion with Lian and my friends.
One year ago, held her hands in the bus, one year later, I am holding on to nothing.
One year ago, it was the best time of my life so far, one year later, it was the worst time of my life so far.
One year ago, was one of the happiest man on Earth, one year later, was one of the saddest man on Earth.
One year ago, I know what is called love, one year later, I know the meaning of love hurts.
One year ago, everything seems so good/right, one year later, everything seems so bad/wrong.

Somethings do change, somethings never change. Time will heal wound, scars will be left. Let this be one of my sweetest memories deep within my heart. Retain the good times, cherish the thought, but learn the lessons involved.

The Medallion is nice, not really a typical Jackie Chan show, that makes it nice. I find it better than LXG.