Met up with my secondary school mates yesterday. I think it is like a weekly routine from now on to meet up with them weekly. Tried the new Mc Quarter Pounder and the new Mc Orange Fizzy. Nothing special about the new burger, taste very normal but the Orange Fizzy drink is nice. I like it.

Took bus 65 to Tampines’s Mall after that. Took us around 90 minutes to get to there. I think we basically went there to eat Long John Silver and walk around and took bus 65 back again (another 90 minutes).

As usual, we went to Coffee Bean and sit down and talk then after that met up with one of my long lost secondary school friend (3 years didn’t see him) and all of us chatted a while before going home at 12mn again. LOL

Met up with my fyp group members today in the morning. They came my house to get all the stuffs ready for tomorrow Interim presentation. We work from 12pm all the way to 8pm. Feel so hardworking. LOL

Hope everything will go right for all of us tomorrow, very nervous about the presentation. Wanted to go buy my television today, but don’t have time to spare to go out. Think maybe next week then I will get it.