Had my FYP interim presentation at 9am. We are being judged by 5 judges. Everything went quite smoothly but we did overlook quite a number of things. But on the whole is not bad.

Had our FYP lunch at Swensen at Holland Village, tried the new Cheese Cheek(I think it is spelled this way). Not that bad. Went home to changed before going to meet Jacky to collect my Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne from PK Computers at Hereen.

Went to PS to meet Serene and co and Jean and co for dinner at Pasta Mania. Went to take some photos around that area before catching S.W.A.T with Serene and co.

The movie last more than 2 hours. Is quite action pack, but the storyline is very typical. I hope The Italian Job is better. =)

Cheers to Serene for this dinner. Additional cheers to Jacky, Laily, Lay Hiang, Jean, Charlene and Stacey. =) Had a good time. LOL