Went to Carrefour in the morning to buy all the BBQ stuffs. The organizing of this BBQ was kinda last minute and crashes with my classmates’ ACAN assignment deadline, so I so called took over the organ and the transition was smooth. Must thank my mom for fetching us and the stuffs all there from Carrefour.

We reached East Coast Park at around 2.30pm with only 3 people(Elaine, Xiu Yu & Me). If not for my mom, I don’t know how I am going to carry all these stuffs there. Our pit is at Area D, pit 41.

Played mini soccer for a while then we started fire at around 3.30pm. 3 of us getting hungry. LOL, so started the BBQ without the rest. Was surprise that only 3 of us can get the BBQ going. Think next BBQ, we will be expert liao. Hehe

Charlene came at around 4pm after her driving. Hui Juan and Geargina came at around 5pm. Jacky, Lay Hiang, Serene, Laily and Jean came around 7pm. Johnson and Kenny(lecturer) came at around 8pm.

We bought lots of food, especially sausages, and thus alot of left-over and untouch food. We did not have much activities besides BBQing, eating, and talking. I think the only activity we have is Indian Poker by Elaine, then the forfeit is telling the truth to two questions that we will ask. Something like true or dare but minus off the dare.

Kenny bought some lanterns for us to relived our childhood memories. LOL. Seriously, it has been a number of years since I played with lantern.

Geargina, Charlene and Kenny left early, so left 10 of us.

After the BBQ, my whole body smells of BBQ even after a long bath and don’t know why my whole body is aching. Guess that I am old.

Will not be going to Sentosa later as most of them cannot make it last minute. I also will be updating the photo gallery when I have the time.

Cheers to all those people who attended the BBQ. Jacky, Johnson, Kenny, Hui Juan, Xiu Yu, Elaine, Geargina, Serene, Lay Hiang, Laily, Charlene, Jean.

BTW the photos in zip file is 37MB in size.