Went to school today to study JSPG till almost 5pm. MY GAME assignment is out. Suppose to write a game specifications and code the game in JAVA with OpenGL. A 3D PacMan game. Got the idea, but don’t know is it hard to program. Hmmm.

Feeling stress now. JPSG assignment, GAME assignment, ELIT assignment and FYP. Then for the past 8 weeks, I had slacked too much and thus wasted too much time. Now is time to use my time wisely.

Went out for dinner with my family to Marina Square. Ate Mos Burger, that particular place bring back alot of memories. Haiz.

Wanted to see COMEX 2003 exhibition, but guess it was too rush, end up didn’t went. Instead wanted to buy my television from Best Denki, but who knows the Best Denki there is closing down and the stock are all display set only. So also end up not buying.

From now onwards, I shall not rush to buy somethings. Else I might regret it later. When I was young, I used to be very rushed in buying things and most of the time I always regret.

Woot, on a happier side, I received my FTT(Final Theory Test) results today, and I PASSED. Wohoooo