Yesterday JSPG test was crap. Was tested on Java GUI and I thought that belongs to Year 1 syllabus and has nothing to do with JSPG. The question was very lame and almost everyone thought so too.

Went for Sushi Buffet at Sakae Sushi in Wheelock Place with Fiona and co. This time never eat too fill, if not will have a hard time walking. Sometimes buffet cannot eat too full, you will feel uneasy, afterall you are paying it, why pay to make yourself suffer.

Bought a small Crumpler pouch from the Crumpler Shop at Wheelock Place. Paid $20 for a small pouch to hold my iRiver mp3 player. Well, guess that it is a Crumpler. Branding is very important. Just look at Nike and Sony. The brand itself is worth alot of money.

I just love to look at bags, if it is nice, I am always tempted to buy them and will get a scolding from my mom because I have too much bags at home.

Today GAME’s test was like the opposite of JSPG, it was easy, so much easier. I suppose to have confidence in JSPG and not GAME, but it turn out the opposite. Haha. How weird can life be.

Will be catching some sleep before going out again.