Thought there is no NSC for me as it is cancelled for the graphics trade. Just to confirm I called up my coach, and sad to say for the web design trade is still on. So no choice have to go to school just to attend the 30 minutes briefing. Basically the briefing is repeating the same things over and over again.

Just before going to school had lunch at my house downstairs coffeeshop, tried fishball noodles from the new stall. I can say that it sucks. I only eat a few mouths and I just leave it. Normally I will finish my food, but the fishball noodles taste so terrible that I cannot even finish it.

After the NSC, went to meet up with Serene and co for dinner at Long John Silvers at Marina Square. Shortly after, Jacky and Zhi Wei join us.

Watched Pirates Of The Caribbean Sea: The Curse Of The Black Perl at GV Marina. Show is slightly more than 2 hours long. It is a very good show with abit of humor. Is a must watch for all movie goers.

After the show, some went home. Left Jacky, Laily, Serene and I. We went to Esplanade followed by The Merlion. Sat down near The Merlion for some chat till around 11pm before going home

Cheers to Jacky, Zhi Wei, Jean, Stacey, Laily and Serene. Now got movie kaki liao.