Went to school for FYP meeting today, which is kinda rare because Thursday is normally our off day. But I guess we better get things going once again as soon as possible. This term will be very xiong. 3 assignments to hand in not including FYP. But then on the brighter side, this will be our last study semester. =D

Went to shopping at Marina Square/Suntec area with Jacky and Lay Hiang. Jacky bought some shirts and I bought a smaller pouch to protect my iRiver, cost me $9.90. Had an ice cream break. They ate Anderson ice cream at Marina Square while I drank the banana milk shake and it taste funny. I think the ice cream will be a wiser choose next time. LOL

Ate Marina Square’s famous minced pork noodle for dinner with them. Jacky got hooked by it, but too bad Lay Hiang never eat, if not I guess she will also like it.

Went to meet my secondary school friends later, they ate Burger King and I watched them eat. We proceed on to Kim Seng Park after that to play with candles, kinda relive our childhood days. It has always been a tradition that we need to meet up during Chinese New Year period, Mooncake Festival, Christmas Eve and New Year Eve.

Tomorrow will be having lunch with my parents to mark their chinese wedding anniversary.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the September 11 attack.