Yesterday was Johnson 19th Birthday, we had dinner at Fish & Co at Glass House(just beside Park Mall). Ate the seafood platter for one. Was filling for me. Yummy. Went to Esplanade later for a walk, there is a performance at the amphitheater. They sang some old songs. The guys voice is very good.

Went further down Esplanade as there is some-sort like a “beach” there. Saw some funny text written on the sand. Sat down at the rocky rocks and had some chat. We did tried to play sparklers at Esplanade, but was warned by the patrolling policeman saying that no fireworks is allowed.

Walked down to the area near Anderson Bridge and we played the sparklers there as I think the area there is legal to play fireworks. LOL. Thanks Serene for the sparklers. =D

Ron, Lester Goh, Calvin, Wei Jian and Lay Hiang left after that. The rest of the gang(Zhi Wei, Jacky, Johnson, Laily and Serene) went to my house to stay overnight. The original plan was to go my house for a short stopover then we proceed on to Mount Faber, but guess that everyone is too tired and lazy to climb up the long flights of stairs. And furthermore after a nice bath and in the aircon room, you will not feel like leaving. LOL

I slept for 3 hours, then woke up by Serene. She was fierce =pP. Accompanied them to eat lor mee at my house’s downstairs coffeeshop, then came home and took another 3 hours of sleep. Mom woke me up ask me whether want to go eat Tim Sum at Lei Garden. Sleep is very important for me, but guess that sometimes there is always an exception. I woke up, packed my things as after eating Tim Sun will be going to Sentosa to meet Fiona and co.

When we want to go in at about 2.30pm it started to rain, but luckily it is not that heavy. I think Sentosa has a changed in management quite sometime ago. Lots of stuffs have changed.

Went to Siloso Beach, played Fresbie, soccer, volleyball and seawater. Know 2 groups of friends from there. 1 group from NP year 2 studying Engineering, the other group is all older than us.

The NP group approached us to play some game and later on the older group came to join in our game. I only get threw down the water once as I only kana once. Poor Fiona, I think she kana the most number of times in our group, thus kana throw down the water a few times. LOL

Had dinner at the Habour Front hawker center. All of the guys was so hungry that we ate 2 meals. LOL

Yesterday was Johnson birthday. Happy 19th Birthday Johnson.

Today is Lian birthday. Happy 19th Birthday Lian. A year has passed, and it seems like it just happened yesterday.

Cheers to Johnson, Jacky, Zhi Wei, Ron, Lester Goh, Wei Jian, Calvin, Lay Hiang, Laily and Serene for the Johnson’s birthday outing.

Cheers to Fiona, Xiu Hui, Ron, Lester Go and Hafiz for the Sentosa outing.