Overslept today, first time for the past 10 weeks of school. Maybe was too tired. But nevertheless, I am only late 5 minutes for the FYP meeting, but still earlier than the lecturer. LOL

Gave Lian her birthday present today, I bought her a SIGG water bottle. Hope she like it as I don’t know what to buy.

Stayed back after school to do ELIT Powerpoint Slides all the way to 5.45pm. First time in 10 weeks that I stay in school till so late to do project.

Our ELIT assignment is scary especially having Elaine in the group. 40 slides for 15 minutes presentation. More than 10,000 words(50 pages) for our report where the number of words should be around 2000. And the worst part is that this stupid assignment is only worth 20% of the whole module.

Finally re-started on my FYP, templated the whole CBT site in asp from HTML. Logic of the CBT session is done. Just need to duplicate 14 of them with different content as there are 14 sessions.

Have GAME practical class tomorrow at 8am. Hate 8am classes.