Went for my 3rd driving lesson today. It rained again. Well guess that the rainy season are approaching especially when it comes to November. Well today lesson kinda fun, I am not as nervous as last time when comes to changing gear. Today did more advanced stuff on top of driving around the circuit. I think as times goes by I should be able to get the hang of it. Aiming to take the Traffic Police test at the end of December.

Java is really driving me crazy. Took me 1 hour trying to figure out how to use the Date Object with FormatDate Object just to achieve a drop down menu style date. Completed my Item’s Category management and my adding of Items. Next stop is editing and deleting the items. So far the progress is good and on the other hand my FYP and GAME progress is bad.

My examinations timetable is out:

» ST7304 JSPG 29-Oct-2003 6pm-8:10pm
» ST0207 ELIT 3-Nov-2003 9am-11:10am

ELIT shall be my killer, the paper weights 70% =(

Shall take a break now. I am killing alot of brain cells beacuse of JAVA. Anyway, ZIP Disc sucks.