Went to school to celebrate Suqin birthday, bought a chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo at Tiong Bahru Plaza. The price of the cake is quite reasonable and it tastes quite good.

We cut the cake at SP’s foodcourt 6, but we sang the birthday song very soft, maybe scared embarrassed. We are shy people. LOL

After the cutting of cake, stayed in school till 6pm because some of them got lessons till 6pm. Surprising I can still do my JSPG assignment during this 4 hours. If not I dont really like to do my programming assignments in school.

Watched 28 Days Later at Orchard Cineleisure. When I went to collect the tickets, the person also gave me 2 large posters, I was puzzled till now.

We missed about 5 minutes of the start of the movie, but I dont think that really matters. It is a British movie that last about 2 hours. Overall the show is not bad even though it is quite gory. The quality of the film, was not that clear, I think they are using a low budget camera.

I was amazed on how they can film the whole city without a single person besides the actors. If you are watching the movie, remember to stay till after the credits.

Had dinner at Yoshinoya, they are having some great savers at $6 for a meal. Chatted at there for around 1 hour before going home.

At opposite Tiong Bahru Plazas coffeeshop, a fight almost broke up between 2 uncles. Not sure of what is it, dare not look at it for too long but one thing for sure, is that one of them is drunk.