Been very busy for the past few days and that I am too tired to update my blogs. Basically these 2 days is work, work and more work.

Went for my 5th driving lesson early in the morning yesterday. Was so sleepy and yet when it comes to driving I am so awake, but after the driving lesson, I am back to my sleepy mode again. Able to stop and move off from slope without any difficulty, but when it comes to main road, still cannot get the changing down of gears right. Think shall need more practice on that.

Went to school yesterday to watch some performance by Laily. Her part is the last 15 minutes and all of us went in only at the last 15 minutes. LOL

After that, we went to Bugis for a walk, had dinner at Mos Burger. I can conclude that the seafood rice burger at Mos Burger In Bugis Junction is the worst among all Mos Burger outlets.

Walked all the way to Suntec’s Mac Donalds, sat there and chit chat. Tired the new Fish Dippers, not that bad.

Just had breakfast at The Nudle Bar again, because on the way to go apply the UOB Mini Visa at Hereen’s UOB road show.

Back to my work. BY hook or by crook must finish my jspg assignment today.

Anyway, if you are a member of Friendster, add me. First name is GaMerZ, last name is Chan. Cheers =D