Just in case you do not know what is going on in the gaming scenes these few days. The most anticipated game of the year, Half-Life 2, source code is leaked. Yes, thats right the source code alone without any other assets. This is worst then having the game beta leaked. Imagine 5 years of hardwork gone down the drain.

The code is in a 32MB rar file, it will extract to 7000+ files worth 160MB. The code is in c++ and it contains the code to cs, hl, hl2 and tf2. No doubt some sites say the code is fake, but rest assured that more people said that the code is real.

You are able to compile the codes, but you cannot run it because all the assets like textures, graphics are missing.

I must say that this file really spreads like wild fire. Internet is really a scary place. Things can spread at very fast speed. 1 to 10, 10 to 100, 100 to 10000 and so on.

For more information, refer to this thread.

I must really admire the hacker’s guts to do this. Well guess that the game will be delayed AGAIN.

I have got hold of the codes and I don’t even understand a single bit of it and I really wonder how they link 7000+ files together.