No lessons for me today, but still go to school to have lunch with my good buddies.

» Transportation To School = $1.20
» 1 Bowl Of Seafood Soup = $2.00
» 1 Can Of Bitter Lemon = $0.80
» Lunch With Good Buddy = Priceless

I have always wanted to say that, got inspired by Master Card’s advertisement. Just simply love the phrase.

Went for my 6th driving lesson after that. So coincidence, Hafiz and Elaine are also taking the same time slot(2.45pm). Didn’t went with them as they are late. But when going home, we went back together. Today teach about blind spot. I everytime forget to check my blind spot, because too many things to coordinate. How I wish there is real time video feed of those blind spot on the front so that no need to turn your head everytime.

After driving was hungry, so went with Hafiz to Bugis for a light meal. Elaine got something on, so thats why only 2 of us.

Came home, spent 4 hours coding 3 sessions of the CBT. It is really a tedious job. Total 5 done, left 2 more for my part. I just don’t like adding in content. Funny…LOL