Finally my pacman can move using timer, but still got lots of bugs. No mood to really go and think of the logic/solve the bugs. Think shall do my pacman after I have finished my FYP. I am really worried for my FYP, so many things, so little time.

After lunch with my good friends, I think it was me who jokingly suggest watching Infernal Affairs 2, but Goh and Ron very on. LOL.

End up watching Infernal Affairs 2 at West Wall. First time watching movie there. The movie last 2 hours, and is nice. I kinda like it, is as good as the first one. Worth watching it, and I don’t mind watching it the second time with my click.

Fully completed session 1 to 7 of the CBT, STIC and CHAT Plan. Shall proceed on to do the notebook of the CBT tomorrow. Now I need some rest.