Been very busy for the past 2 days, thus didn’t update this blog. I think for the next 3 weeks or so, I will be even busier as the datelines draw closer.

On Friday, went to visit my grandfather and my auntie at Toa Payoh. Been a few months since I last visited them because practically every weekends I have been going out.

Today had my 2nd last ELIT lecture. The lecture was a short one. Suppose to go Sim Lim Square today because my friend need my help in buying/fixing a new harddisk, but suddenly he said no need. Thus I end up having lunch at Clementi with Geargina and Suqin. Waited 20 minutes for the wan ton mee at the hawker center. The stall I always used to eat.

Also don’t know why Gear want to watch UnderWorld today, and all of us so on and we went to Clementi to watch. The theater is really classic. Tickets are actually receipts, the seating plan is in paper. We chose the sit and the auntie will strike it off the plan to indicate it has been taken. It is really old school. Reminds me of watching movie with my parents when I was young.

The theater is quite big, but it is a bit eerie. The ticket price is $7.00 on weekends. I think I rather pay extra $1.50 and watch it at GV.

FYP is almost 90% done, not including documentation. Do do die die, it must be done 100% before Monday, so that for the next whole week we can focus on documentation.


Will be getting a new 120GB harddisk drive after all the exams. =D

BTW, Matrix Revolution first sneak will be on 9pm on 5th November 2003. =D