Slept till 1.30pm today first time in don’t know how many months. Went to Sim Lim Square. My mom bought a 5m USB cable for her office use. I on the other hand bought a new Western Digital 120GB(ATA100) HDD for $180 and a HDD mobile rack for $19. Shall be fixing it when I am free.

Came home, as usual, indulge myself with FYP, FYP, nothing else but FYP. Mom cook western cuisine for dinner. Grilled Fish with baked potatoes. The grilled fish tastes very good. My mom can really marinate food, and above all no MSG is used in the process. =D

Now waiting for Suqin to pass me the code for me to format. Will be having my 8th driving lesson tomorrow at 2.45pm.

2 more week till school closes.