Stayed at home the whole Monday, did nothing productive but I managed to complete Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour GLA side. The missions in Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour are so much difficult compared to Command & Conquer Generals.

Today went for my 18th driving lesson, it was another instructor because my instructor was on urgent leave, and the other was working on afternoon shift. Learned reversing in between 2 poles, it was a very difficult job. But luckily it will not be tested, but it will aid alot in my parking.

Played Worms3D multiplayer on Worms Net with Lian, the previous attempts I tried to play it couldn’t work because I didn’t forward some of the ports. It was kinda fun, but somehow it is still VERY hard to aim especially using grenades and rocket launcher.

Will be going to buy my new computer tomorrow if nothing goes wrong. Hope nothing goes wrong. =p