Yesterday went to celebrate Li Xiang birthday. It was a belated celebration because her actual birthday was on Wednesday (12th November) and the actual day itself, lots of people is working, thus we postpone the celebration to Saturday.

We met up at 4.30pm at Marina Square. Marina Square is really happening, it was very crowded and I do not know the reason behind it. We went for Kenny Rogers for dinner, they complained that the food there sucks, which I do not really agree with. If you get sick of it if you eat too much, but the food ain’t that bad.

We went to Esplanade after that. On our way there, we passed by the Marina Square’s long flight of steps, and there is a performance going on. I think it is sponsored by Kia as there are 3 Kia’s car behind. Just near the traffic junction to Esplanade, there is a mobile ice cream store selling ice-cream, Johnson, Geargina and I ate it. It is cheap and good and most of all, cheap ice cream is not fattening because they contain little or not animal fats.

We actually thought of going to the Chocolate Bar to sit down, talk and have some chocolate, no idea how come end up we decided to give that a miss.

The decoration of Esplanade’s main lobby and outside it is nice, all decorated with flowers and plants. It really bring out the beauty of nature.

Went to Esplanade’s roof top, sat down there, talked about all those ghostly stuffs, those stuffs that can make my hairs stand. But soon after it started to have a slight drizzle, thus we left the area and went to NYDC at Suntec’s City.

According to Geargina, NYDC stands for New York Desert Cafe. We sat there, talk, have some drinks, have some light snacks. Geargina who is not full, ordered a mushroom pizza, I am so amazed by her stomach capacity. LOL. We ordered a mini Oreo Cheesecake for Li Xiang as her birthday cake. We left the place at around 11.20pm just in time for some of us to catch the last bus home.

Attendance: Li Xiang, Serene, Laily, Geargina, Suqin, Tina, Jacky, Johnson, Robert and I. Happy Belated 19th Birthday Li Xiang!

Slept at 6am because I drank a whole big cup of coffee without any sugar syrup added. Didn’t know that Channel 5 at 5.30am there is a 30 minutes Linkin Park concert.

Woke up at 11am and went to Orchard Paragon’s Din Tai Fung Taiwanese Restaurant for breakfast/lunch. It was VERY crowded but they managed to clear the queue quite fast, we only waited about 30 minutes.

Ordered their Xiao Long Bao, which is their signature dish, Siew Mai, Fried Rice, Pork Chop Noodle Soup and Dumpling Noodle Soup. I think the only dish that is nice is Xiao Long Bao. The Siew Mai taste the same as Xiao Long Bao just that there is additional shrimp on top of it. The Fried Rice and Dumpling Noodle Soup tastes blend. The Pork Chop Noodle Soup is not too bad at least is is not so blend.

Came home, slept all the way till 7.30pm as it was raining and I was so tired. =D