Yesterday went to Sim Lim Square to buy my new computer. Bought it from Fuwell. I don’t know why, but I just kinda like the shop there, my brother computer and some other of my hardwares are also bought from there. My old computer(2.0Ghz) will be selling to my mom office for about $1.5k, and my new computer cost $2.6k exactly, so paid extra $1.1k.

Current New Computer Specs:

  • Intel Pentium 4 3.2CGhz (512KB) (800FSB)
  • MSI 875P Neo-FIS2R
  • 2x PC3200 TwinMos DDR400 512MB
  • 2x Western Digital 120GB (8MB) (7200RPM)
  • ATI Hercules Radeon 9800 128MB DVI
  • Creative Audigy ES 5.1
  • Sony 1.44MB Internal Floppy Drive
  • Sony 16X DVD ROM
  • Iomega 52x24x52C D-RW
  • 7788 ATX Case (350 Watts PSU) (4 Fans)
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP1a (Home Edition)

Came home installed all the softwares and games, and most importantly update my Windows. The CD contains SP1a and still got so much stuff to update over Installed my the other Western Digital 120GB, and that boost my total capacity to 240GB. Now you will not hear me complaining there is not enough space in my hard disk. LOL.

Transfer all my stuffs from my old computer using LAN, this takes the longest time because at least 30GB worth of data needed to be transfered. At first have some problems transferring because my old computer can’t seems to be connected to my LAN and I can’t really see the error because I only got 1 monitor. But later the error was very lame, it is due to conflicting computer name.

Will be running 3D Mark 2003 later to get the score of my PC. The score for my old computer is 1741. Wonder how much higher can I get with this com. Actually wanted to get Nvidia GeForce FX, but end up I want to give ATI Radeon a try. Hope it will not disappoint me!

Had my 19th driving lesson today, mostly did circuit stuffs like directional change, vertical parking, S-Course and Crank-Course. Tomorrow will be my 20th lesson.

*Update* Tested on 3D Mark 2003, score was 4715.