Stayed up till 4am today, and the bloody GV site still doesn’t allow me to book for the LOTR Marathon. The tickets at Cinelesiure seems to be sold out when I went in at around 1am.

Went to bed, set my alarm clock to 9am to wake up and book, who knows when I woke up at 9am, left the 2nd row from the front. I was like “what the fuck?”. 5 hours and almost sold out thanks to the tiny theater that GV assigned the marathon too. They should have it at Great World City Theater 6, where it is one of the biggest theater in Singapore. And special thanks to the fucked up webmaster who didn’t update the bloody database even at 4am where it suppose to go live at 12.01am.

I am so sorry to all my friends that I promised to book the tickets for. Guess we have left with no choice but to watch one movie by one movie instead. Sorry guys and girls, and special thanks to GV who make me stayed up to 4am for nothing.