Met Geargina for lunch at Burger King in Tiong Bahru Plaza. The student price for the set meals is cheap. A Mushroom Swiss Meal cost $4.50 while the usual price is around $6.

Went straight to Sitex 2003 after lunch for the 2nd time. Walked around and this time we talk to SuQin longer. Feel like a VIP when you walk through those lanes where on each side there are so many people giving out flyers. Those companies selling camera stuffs always hire model or chio bu to distribute those flyers. No wonder they always say “sex sells”. I doubt many people will buy computer systems from there. Most just go there, take a look, and keep themselves updated, while some may buy some accessories like printers, monitors, cameras, speakers etc.

Met my mom at 3pm to buy my LCD screen. It was Harvey Norman selling them instead of direct sales from Sony. I found out that among those big companies, the company that uses the lease staffs is Sony and Microsoft. People come to them instead of the other way round. The power of branding. Bought the Sony 17 Inch LCD Monitor: SDM-HS73 for $829, the usual price was $929. Geargina bought the LG 17 Inch LCD Monitor: L1720B for $799.

Head home after that, watched the last episode of Holland Village on Channel 8. I find the ending very crap. I am sure there will be a part 2 since the first one was so popular.

Opened the package and found of that the power cord supplied by Sony is not meant to be used in Singapore as the plug could not fit into the wall socket. Luckily I got a spare power cord from my Philips Monitor which I didn’t use it at all, it was new. 2nd frustration came in when I realized they didn’t give me the Warranty Card. Told my mom this, and my mom is always so good at settling all these stuffs.

As I will be going down to Sitex 2003 tomorrow again, on the way I will collect the power cord and warranty card from the salesman who served me today. Problems solved.

Fixed my new monitor, absolutely love it, at last my computer table looks spacious and sleek.

Will be going for my 22nd driving lesson tomorrow before going to Sitex 2003. Damm it, I am down with a flu.