Yesterday I went for my 21st driving lesson. Finally learned parallel parking, it wasn’t that difficult because there are guide poles. Imagine when you just passed your driving, the killing subject will be parking, be it vertical or parallel.

Met up with Geargina later to watch Warriors Of Heaven And Earth at Jurong Point. The show lasted slightly more than 2 hours. The storyline was not that bad but then the movie is kinda boring because it lacks action.

After the show, I traveled all the way to the other end of Singapore which is Tampines Mall to meet up with Zhi Ming and Co. They went to the Body Worlds, wanted to go with them, but I got driving lessons and it is kinda expensive. Met them for dinner at Breeks, rich fellows, spend $12 bucks on that. But then, we sat there for kinda long chatting about the army and driving. It was kinda interesting and I didn’t regret going all the way there to meet them. LOL

Today woke up at 9 am just to check my results. To my very sad disappointment, I didn’t get AD for JSPG. Haiz…very very sad. But I got an AD for my FYP in exchange for that. If I am not wrong, my GAME, JSPG will be an A and my ELIT is B.

Went out with my uncle to the Creative Warehouse Sale. Today is for shareholders only. Lots of people, went there 15 minutes before it open and we need to queue in order to get in. Got a free door gift which you can choose from headphones or umbrella. My uncle took the headphones. My uncle bought the Prodikeys DM, External USB 2 CDRW 52x24x52, and the Steering Wheel. Creative really hire a lot of staffs and there are lots of free gifts upon purchasing items. And the thing I like to comment on is that they have very excellent customer service. Two thumbs up for them.

Went to Sitex2003 later, saw Suqin working there at Lexmark Printers. I kept a lookout on LCD screens and I feel I am quite dumb, I thought the higher the response time the better, but end up is lower. So I don’t think I will be getting Samsung 173T, maybe a Sony LCD Monitor. As I got an AD, my mom decided to buy it for me immediately. Most probably I will be going there again on Sunday with my parents.

The exhibition area is bigger, with half of hall 4 being used also. That area is dedicated to business users. The x-box selling there is cheaper, $308, just a few months ago in September my brother bought it for $348! TDK business is very good, the DVD writer costs only $199 and they brought in 600 units and it is sold out within 2 hours. Recommended giving Sitex 2003 a visit if you are into those IT geeks like me.

I just installed my new Microsoft Internet Keyboard and my new Logitech MX500 Optical Mouse. Not that used to the mouse yet, very different kind of grip as compared to other mice.