Had my 22nd driving lesson today. After my 20th lesson, I kinda got alot of confidence when it comes to driving, need lesser time to warm up each time. But parking is still my killer. Today both of my fixed instructor didn’t come, so a stand-in instructor taught me. At first he talk to me in English, and it was kinda fluent, don’t know why suddenly he talked to me in Mandarin, and give me all those driving terms in Mandarin. Really had to think for a second what does it mean. Especially turn left and right in Mandarin. I know my Mandarin sucks.

Went for lunch with my mom before returning home. Wanted to take a short nap but end up tidying my computer table. Now it is really spacious and neat.

Met up with Geargina and Elaine to go to Sitex 2003 for the 3rd time. As we was meeting at Tanah Merah MRT Station which is very near to Elaine’s house, end up she say she tired and went home.

There is really a crowd at Sitex today, can hardly walk without banging people. Went to take my monitor’s power cord and my warranty card from the sales person who serve me yesterday. He is very polite and helpful, he was eating his dinner half way but he came to pass me those stuffs. Cheers and 2 thumbs up to him.

Bought 100 pieces Imation CDRs at only $39. Even though I got about 200 CDRs at home, just buy to keep since it can be kept and it is cheap. Geargina bought the Microsoft Wireless Optical Executive Desktop Set. It is on discount, $30 off the original price. The Microsoft salesman who serve us is so friendly. Cheers and 2 thumbs up to him too.

Had dinner at Burger King at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Didn’t know the Swensens there is gone.

Tomorrow will be going to Suntec with my parents, followed by buying books for my brother at Popular and followed by going to Performance Motors to see BMW 318.