Almost the whole day was out with my parents. Woke up at 10am and went to Marina Square foodcourt. My parents wanted to try out the minced pork noodle. Mom applied the UOB Metro Visa Credit Card as the first 3 years is free. Went over to Suntec City to collect a free organizer from Bree. It stated it worth $180 on the voucher, but when we got it, I doubt it is even worth more than $20. Finally found those fake mountain climbing hooks from a shop close to the Duck Tours Counter in Suntec’s City. Been looking high and low for it.

Went to Bras Basah’s Popular to buy my brother textbooks. Surprising after the 5% discount, it is even cheaper than buying from bookshop and you can even pay by credit card. On the way bought a SAT book, need to study for it as I hope to take the test somewhere in April 2004.

Head down to Performance Motors showroom, to look at BMW cars. The 318 BMW cost around $157k. Just realize that Continental cars are not cheap. 1 of it can buy 2 Japanese cars. My parents are still calculating whether or not to get that car.

Haha, we went to Sitex 2003 again, for me it is the 4th time. My brother bought the Microsoft Wireless Optical Elite Desktop Set for $139, the usual price was $169. The set that Geargina bought yesterday was selling like hotcakes yesterday, and they are low on stocks, that was why they give the discount to the Elite Desktop Set.

Had sliced fish steamboat for dinner at Old Kallang Airport Road’s hawker center. It was a very early dinner for me, and now I am starting to few hungry!

Anyway, today is the last day of Sitex 2003, the next computer exhibition will be IT Show 2004 from 11th March 2004 to 14th March 2004 at Suntec, followed by PC Show 2004 from 3rd June 2004 to 6th June 2004 at Expo.