Yesterday, went to meet Xiu Yu for the Body Worlds Exhibition at Singapore Expo. Had lunch at Mos Burger in Tampines Mall. Tried the Mos Chicken. It taste unique and is quite okie, but it is kinda oily.

The entrance fees for Body Worlds is $18 for adults and polytechnic students, whereas JC students and below is only $12. I really don’t understand what is the difference between poly students and JC students. Not only the price differ for this exhibition, even for transportation it is also different pricing. I seriously don’t know what the heck MOE is thinking. I am not the first one to complain about this. This issue also has been published in the Straits Time Forums.

The first time I was in the hall, I feel abit weird, maybe I am not used to seeing bodies, but after in it for more than 30 minutes, I kinda got used to it. It is quite worth it as many people had said that this is once in a lifetime experience, and it is really very different. They should not allow kids under 12 years of age to enter. Those children is practically running around the hall and making the most noise.

Went over to the John Little Warehouse Sale at hall 4. It was really crowded and we went in to take a look, and it is really chaotic. The queue for the cashiers is really very long, and at least 10 or more cashiers are opened and the queue is equally long for all of them.

Had down to Suntec City to look for watches, my brother and I will be buying my mom a square SWATCH watch and a Nike Sandals for my dad as Christmas presents.

Tried out the ice teh terik and the roti prata from the newly opened coffeeshop. The taste is not that bad, still acceptable. I hope it don’t close down so fast. LOL

Today Went out for KTV in the evening with my secondary school friends at Orchard Road. In Hereen, saw some people that I know, Zhi Ming, Lynn, Mei Mei and my uncle. All of them called me, didn’t really notice them, as I was busy talking.

Ate dinner at The Nudle Bar, first time I see it being crowded, if not normally only a few tables are occupied while on the other hand, Sakae Sushi has a long queue outside.

Had out KTV session at Party World. It is not really that cheap, one person around $20+, but it was 2 of my friends birthday, so both of them treat. Thanks to Calvin and Jing Wei.

And not to forget:

Happy Belated Birthday To Jing Wei and Desmond.
Happy Birthday To Calvin and My Uncle.

Didn’t realise, this is the 600th post (not judge by the post ID).