Met up with the IT personal of my client yesterday to upload our FYP to the testing server. It will be live after 2 weeks once my client approves it. Will be there when it goes live just in case something happens (touch wood). Followed my group members to Clementi’s Mac Donald’s for a drink and sat there and chit chat. I left the place early to meet Geargina.

As her computer power supply got some problems, her computer cannot boot up. Met her at her dad’s workplace and carried the computer all the way to Sim Lim Square. Not that bad, at least the computer is lighter than my previous computer and her dad’s workplace is very near to Sim Lim Square. I was quite surprise to see that her computer’s casing is the same as my current computer casing, just that mine is black.

Had Burger King at Burlington Square, didn’t know Burger King has no more student price. Paid $6 instead of $4.50.

CSSed my new site layout. It is really a tedious job, but luckily my new site layout is very simple. It is about 75% done. I hope to get it out before Christmas, if not I think I will change it again and if that goes on, I will never get a new layout. I will get sicked of it after looking at it for many times. Maybe I am for perfection, but well, nothing in life is perfect anyway.

Today went for my National Service Check Up with Ron, Bil, Bernard and Chee Ming. Jacky also went but he was in the 9.30am slot. My status is Pes B. The checkup is pretty fast. It is doing that retarded quiz that took the longest. I have no idea what exactly is the quiz for. The whole process took about 4 hours.

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch. Wanted to eat at the foodcourt, but didn’t know that the foodcourt is gone. No idea what will happen to the place. Speaking of food, my house downstairs will be opening a 24 hours small Malay Coffeeshop. If I am not wrong, it will open for business sometime this weekend. No more being hungry during late nights.

Had my 24th driving lesson today, just need another 2 lesson and I can take the Traffic Police Test. As I said, driving is an easy job, but getting the license is a tough one, thanks to our beloved government.