Met up with Geargina yesterday for lunch and movie. Cineleisure has really changed alot since my last time there. Some new stalls are up, level 4 has 3 more cinemas and E-Zone became like 1/10 of its original size. Had lunch at Pasta Mania, also have been a long time since I ate it. There are 2 versions of Brother Bear showing, one is the digital version and the other is the normal one. The sound and image of the digital version is much clearer of course, and the best thing about it is that the price remains the same and there is no advertisements. Of course we caught the digital version. As usual, cartoons always last less than 90 minutes and their storyline is always good, this one is no exception. Quite worth $6.50 if you ask me.

Bought Linkin Park: Live In Texas the DVD from Sambawang Music Store. I bought it so late because I thought it is only a VCD and it cost $29.90. Didn’t know that it is a DVD actually, because the packaging sure look like a VCD. But anyway, after watching the video, I find it “not live” at all because I can see lots of editing has been done to the audio channel (sometimes the lip sync doesn’t match the music playing).

Went to Hereen for a walk and Lynn saw us, so chit chat with her for a while as she looks bored because there is no one in the shop and she is tending the shop alone. Bought my mom’s Christmas present from Swatch, the watch is chosen by Geargina, hope my mom likes it. The watch cost above $100 and thus entitling me to apply the Hereen Card for free. That card sure have lots of discounts for shops in Hereen. Very worth it.

Today went for my Auto Car Lesson. Damm, I really love auto cars. Is just like playing racing game, just control the brake and acceleration. Normally, when moving off from a traffic junction, I am always the last to move off, but with auto gear, I am always the first few one. But the downside of it is that, you really need break early because the speed is really fast.

After my driving lesson, went to meet up with StealthDragon and GuoZhi to discuss some web issues because I will be helping them to create a webpage and maintain a forum. Something to do with lifestyle.

Again after meeting them, met up with my poly friends for some rock concert at NUS. I have already seen before the concert because they came once to SP before. I was sitting beside Hui Juan, and both of us keep talking about Linkin Park and the band keep sining songs something to do with Christianity, and I thought they will play some songs like Linkin Park, Evanescence or even Limp Bizkit.

After the so called concert, went for dinner with Mr Kenny and Travis. On the way, I and Kenny keep talking about gadgets and stuffs, because both of us are into it. Haha, he is really more like a friend than a lecturer. LOL

Okie, I shall have a mini rant something about Christianity, there are just how I feel, if you feel offended at any point after this statement, please don’t continue reading.Most Christians are always very friendly and they treat you like brother or sisters. The only thing I don’t like is that, they always like try to convert your thinking to believe in Jesus Chris. I am a Buddhist and have nothing against Christians, in fact, I came from a Christian Brother Primary School. Like today, I went for the concert, it is basically a concert to like persuade you to be a Christian. Even though I don’t feel left out at all, I still don’t like the idea of that. I have an IT geek example of it.

For example, you are using Microsoft Windows XP, and some virus or something try to overwrite your system file and to replace with Mac OS X, but for Windows, there is something called Windows File Protection which do not allow you to overwrite system file the easier way.

Do you believe in God? I believe that God exists, and it is him who created man and plan the lives of men, that is what you called fated. Christians believe that Jesus Christ live within them. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. But what I think is that all human beings like to have something to lean on, that is why they believe in somethings. But it is actually a illusion created by our brain. It is really all in our mind.