Yesterday practically rained the whole day since afternoon. Went for my 26th driving lesson yesterday. That will be my last lesson following the book, because I have clear all the subjects/stages. For the next 10 lessons will be all revisions, and hoping to book my Traffic Police Test on the 8th January 2004.

Today went to watched Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers with Serene. Saw some new scenes because it is the extended version. The whole movie last for 214 minutes according to GV. It was a 11am show and it is still kinda pack. We met up with Charlene later and went for a shopping spree. Wanted to buy my dad a Nike Cap, but end up bought him a Nike t-shirt from Stadium in Ngee Ang City. The t-shirt was made up of some materials that suppose to let perspiration to evaporate faster, or something like that.

Had our dinner at Mos Burger, and as usual that outlet is forever crowded be it weekdays or weekends. Woke up quite early today, shall be sleeping till noon most probably tomorrow.

13 days to Christmas.